This Fathers Day, help your father get out of the vicious circle

This Fathers Day, help your father get out of the vicious circle

By Lavleen Kaur  on: 26 June 2014
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If this is your father's routine then he is stuck in the vicious circle of an unhealthy lifestyle.

- Wake up late and bloated
- Start day with tea/coffee
- Little or no breakfast
- Quick lunch or junk food
- Evening snack/coffee/tea
- Snacks/fried stuff at home
- Late and heavy dinner followed by desserts, etc
- Sleep late

Oh yes, this sounds so true. In fact its not only your father, you, your friends and family may be under the same boat. So how do you get out of this cycle in today’s busy and stressful life.

Its not hard. And its not easy too. Try to embed these basic guidelines in your daily routine:

- Sleep early/ 2 hours after dinner
- Wake up feeling light
- Start your day with fruit
- Have healthy breakfast/tea/coffee
- Have a mid morning meal 2 hours after breakfast
- Have home made lunch
- Protein rich evening snacks
- Salad before dinner
- Light dinner

What do you think now? Its hard? No. Follow this for a month and see the changes yourself.

Get out of the vicious circle of caffeine and nicotine kicks in the morning, skipping lunch, not feeling hungry till evening, overeating in the night, getting disturbed sleep and waking up dull and tired in the morning.
The day you wake up feeling hungry and with an urge to clear the stomach, know that you have started on the path of permanent results. Early morning hunger is a sign of youth, health, happiness and peace.

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